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Kem & Monica's Wedding ; Decorated by Kem & Monica ; Located in Sultan Hotel ; Lighting Lightworks

What if the decoration for a wedding party handled by the bride and groom themselves? Kem and Monica, the bride and the groom for the night proved that it can be done. It was really interesting how continue reading

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Rheza Novanto & Elaine Salim's Wedding ; Decorated by Soeryanto Decor ; Organized by Multi Kreasi Enterprise ; Lighting by Lightworks

It was on weekdays but it wasn’t an ordinary one. In Mulia Hotel Ballroom, we supported Rheza Novanto & Elaine Salim’s wedding along with Soeryanto Decor as the decoration vendor and Multi Kreasi Enterprise continue reading

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David & Sisca's Wedding ; Organized by Kenisha Wedding Organizer ; Decoration by Lotus Design ; Located in Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place Ballroom 3 ; Lighting by Lightworks

Everyone has their own definition of love. And begins from the definition, they took decision to commit fully to the chosen one. David and Sisca vowed to live as one for the rest of their life. Their decision is definitely the reason to celebrate. Held in continue reading

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Willianto Hardi & Merlin Laemota's Wedding ; Organized by Multi Kreasi Enterprise ; Decoration by Lavender Decoration ; Located in Mulia Hotel ; Lighting by Lightworks

Held in Mulia Hotel Ballroom, the wedding of Willianto Hardi & Marlin Laemota’s wedding is on our schedule. Decorated by Lavender Decoration and organized by Multi Kreasi Enterprise, the wedding was nothing but flawless. It was a synergy between the finest venue, right decoration, the schedule runs smoothly and the ambiance was set perfectly. Definitely a night of our life. continue reading

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Decoration by Soeryanto Decor ; Located in Sahid Hotel Ballroom ; Lighting by Lightworks

Festive wedding, who doesn’t like it? Every bride and groom or maybe be every guest expecting festive and glamorous wedding. Like the wedding that we supported last weekend that held in Sahid Hotel Ballroom, Jakarta. Not just for the look, but the ceremony for the grand entrance really define the finest feeling and ambiance for the wedding reception.

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